NYQDS: Decision Summaries -- FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is QDS?
The Quick Decision Service offers you immediate access to the full text of decisions that are printed in the New York Law Journal. Simply call in your order to our 24-hour/7-day a week toll-free order line, and immediately receive a copy of the decision by fax. If faxing is not convenient, you can also have it sent by regular mail or overnight delivery.

What do I get a copy of?
QDS gives you a copy of the decision as it is handed down from the court.

What decisions are available?
QDS coverage includes all decisions that are listed in the New York Law Journal for which full-text copies are available. This includes the Court of Appeals, Appellate Division, Appellate Term, Surrogate's, Supreme and Civil Courts.

How do I know if QDS is available for a particular decision?
All decisions that are available will have a QDS number in italics immediately after the caption in the New York Law Journal. If this number appears, you can have a copy of that decision sent by fax, mail or overnight delivery. You can also look up the QDS number in the QDS database. This database includes all captions for which a full-text copy is available.

Do I need an account?
You may use a major credit card to pay for your QDS order. If you prefer to have an account with us, call 800.918.1111 and follow the prompts. We will fax you a registration form with an account number on it. Simply fill out the form and fax it back to 888.706.6432 and you can start using QDS within minutes. All charges can then be invoiced to your account. Please note that the QDS account number is not the same as your newspaper subscription account number.

I see the QDS number. What next?
To order a decision from QDS, call 800.918.1111. The QDS system will lead you through the steps easily and quickly. You can order as many decisions as you want with one phone call.

What about Decision Summaries?
The summaries are a new feature that gives our editors an opportunity to alert you to interesting decisions that we do not have room to print in full. Without the summaries, they would have gone by unnoticed.

How much does it cost?
Decisions that are sent by fax are $1.00 per page, with a $15.00 minimum. Decisions sent by regular mail are $1.25 per page, with an $18 minimum. Overnight delivery is the same as regular mail, plus a $15 delivery charge.

To find out more about the New York Law Journal's Quick Decision Service, please call Daniel Greenberg at 800.888.8300, ext. 6071. If you have a billing question, please call Accounts Receivable at 800.888.8300, ext. 5980. For customer service issues, please call the Customer Service Hotline at 800.842.0323.